Meet the CEO


My name is Efemena Eghujovbo and I am the CEO and Founder of Simply Haircare. I am a passionate part-time business owner and a full-time student at the University of Toronto. Juggling all of these and a social life, you can just imagine how busy my life is but I always make time for the things that I love doing; making some product! As strange as it may sound, I do truly find joy in creating these products for you all to enjoy and it brings me great happiness when I hear all of your kind reviews and responses. One question I get asked countless times is how I manage to essentially "do it all". It took me quite sometime to find an answer to this burning question but in simple terms, I don't! I honestly take everyday as a learning opportunity to grow and further develop myself, working towards being the ultimate best version of myself that I can be. Well, I hope this post showed you all a little bit more about me and who I am. 

With love, 


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