About Us

Simply Haircare is a cruelty-free, vegan and black owned hair products company. We strive to create products that are simply made with all natural ingredients that produce direct and long lasting results. From Beauty Butters to Eyebrow Growth Serums, we have a wide range of products that were designed specifically for YOU that we know will work.

At the start of 2020, young CEO Efe Eghujovbo began researching ingredients that worked well together and testing many trial products on herself. Once she found things that truly performed well, she began to test them on her friends and family and with such positive feedback from them she obtained the courage to launch her dream. As of today, Simply Haircare has grown far beyond she could ever imagine! 


We are beyond grateful for all the support we have gotten from our community thus far, and we hope to continue to grow as a company in the future.